TC-5700 perfect binder is a new product with auto cover feeder function, it transports bound books and stacks them.


Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesives are perfect binding and new generation adhesives instead of Ethlene Vinyl Actate (EVA) Hot Melts. PUR Adhesives as 0.3m/m is much stringer than Hot Melts. PUR Adhesives are one of the best bookbinding methods that enable you to open a book as 180 degree and keep it for a long time regardless of the following conditions paper materials, cold resistance, -40℃, heat resistance 93℃, recycling, solvent resistance and climate.


Perfect Binder with milling disc, notching pins, side and spine gluing of a softcover books. You can simply adjust all functions with various operation of keyboard.
Can adjust the thickness of cover. 2 hot melt application rollers rotate and evenly apply adhesive on the book spine.
Then, finishing roller cleanly process this.